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16215Re: [Meditation Society of America] New Members Will Be On Moderation

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  • Bharati Parekh
    May 15 11:49 PM
      Dear Sir/s,
      With reference to the captioned subject I would like to inform and assure your goodselves that since last 20 years I m involved in various Spiritual & Meditation Techniques in order to attain my goal of Self Realisation & solely for this Spiritual Reason I have joined Meditation Society of America & I have absolutely no other vested economic interest whatsoever.
      Keeping the above in mind please allow me to continue as Yr Group Member  forever.
      Thanking You !
      Yours Faithfully,
      Bharati Parekh,
      Mumbai, India.

      medit8ionsociety <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      Due to the desire of those who only want to
      use this group for their economic benefit,
      all new members will be on moderation status.
      This is dependent on the content of the
      new members first few posts and how well
      I've been able to use Yahoo's tools. I tend
      to judge things as "bad" if they take one's
      peace away, and "good" if they provide
      or sustain or enrich one's peace, and I've
      received a lot of input that the spam type
      messages do take our members peace away. So
      away with these "bad" posts! I do wish the
      spammers well and hope they can find a venue
      that fills their needs, but this group won't
      be one.
      Peace and blessings,

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