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16201Re: Meditation in the corporate boardroom.

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  • medit8ionsociety
    May 5, 2008
      "Jeff Belyea" <jeff@...> wrote:
      > This just in - an excerpt from an email
      > that I thought you (especially Bob) would
      > find interesting...
      > "...These participants are in high stress
      > jobs with no meditation experience.
      > We are having seminars all over the
      > country, but have only just received
      > approval to include Meditation training.
      > Are you available for..."
      > Jeff
      Yo Papajeff,
      I'm not surprised that you're once again being
      asked to help others deal with stress and learn
      about how meditation can help. Actually, don't
      you start another series of seminars this week?
      What I am still surprised by is how so many haven't
      opened the doors to the reality that meditation
      could help in the workplace. I recently had the 2
      extremes of this present themselves. One was a
      hospice where the director asked for help for
      her staff, and realizing meditations potential
      to help deal with stress, wanted them all to learn
      meditation. The other was in a workplace which was
      experiencing staff turn-over very frequently due
      to having to deal with anti-social (that's a kind
      description) young people. They decided that there
      was no value in meditation and what they needed was
      a system of greater punishment for misbehavior. And
      they felt this would help the staff cope better, so
      that's what they implemented. It's been about 6 months
      now, and guess which set of staff members has benefited
      and which has worsened?
      In any event, I'm glad to see that you have again
      been positioned to help lessen others stress. I've
      always felt that the most valuable thing one can do
      is to share the things that they have found have
      helped them evolve in consciousness.
      Peace and blessings,
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