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16190Mullah the Boss of His Household

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Apr 22, 2008
      Mullah Nasrudin was hanging out with his
      male friends and several of them were
      complaining about how their wives constantly
      are getting the better of them and bossing
      them around. Then the Mullah proudly boasted,
      "In my family, it is clear that I am the
      head of the household. I deal with all of
      the important issues, and delegate only the
      trivial annoying matters to my wife." The group
      got very quiet. One of the men, curious as to
      how Nasrudin is able to exert his manliness as
      head of the family, asked him just what issues
      he tackles and what he tells his wife to do.
      The Mullah smugly replied, "I deal with the big
      issues, such as is there a Supreme Being, is
      there life after death, why is there something
      rather than nothing at all, and what is the
      ultimate nature of reality; whereas I let her
      take care of all the less important matters,
      such as where we are going to live, and where
      we are going on vacation, when we are going
      to make love, how we are going to raise
      our kids, and which friends we are going to
      spend our time together with."

      Does this Mullah Nasrudin story describe
      your life?