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16184Often Overlooked Meditative Times

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Apr 18, 2008
      The period of time just after you wake
      up in the morning and just before you go
      to sleep at night are excellent times to
      program your mind to be clear, sharp, and
      not chatter at all in negativity. Similarly,
      program your emotions to be calm and your
      mood to be serene, and your body to maintain
      an ease and comfort quality. This programming
      is done by gathering your --- shall we call itÂ…
      "energy of intention", and commanding your mind,
      emotions, and body. This is real Self-control,
      and is a demonstration of being the master of
      your mind and not its slave. Action instead of
      reaction which allows flowing with and Witnessing
      of the events of your life as they take place in
      Real time (Now). This replaces the usual diversions
      that consist of rehashing the past or fantasizing
      about the future and similar mindless mental babble,
      mood swings, and distractive bodily sensations.
      Starting and ending your day this way will give you
      a better ("better" being more peace-full) day, better
      sleep, and generally you will live more happily
      ever after.
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