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  • Sandeep
    Mar 26, 2008

      In stillness... ...in quietude.. .....the issue of the dream AND the issue of waking up from the dream....... .are apperceived to be akin signatures on flowing waters.

      That...... in their very appearing is their disappearing.

      The apperceiving that the very thought of "How to awaken from the dream" .. ....and the accompanying sense of a "thinker"  articulating that thought......or for that matter any thought .......whether profound or profane..... .

      ......are not separate from the dream.

      Thereby making the very issue of awakening... ......a non-issue.

      The resolution of a question, any question is never by an answer, any answer...... ... but in the dissolution of the sense of the "questioner- entity".

      Stillness... .quietude. .....which is not a resultant state of a technique, methodology, practice, prescription or an explanation.

      Since there is no casual linkage to the advent of this stillness(to use a mere phrase)..... .....a term "Grace"  has been used.

      yeshwanthi vasudevan wrote:

      > Sandeep, how can you be so confident? How can you be so confident
      that it is all just a dream? I wish I had your self-confidence, to make that statement without any shred of a doubt. If this is all just a dream, what will it take to wake me up? The traffic noise and the horning sounds of a million trucks at the same time? On a serious note: W hat will it take to wake me up? sandeep chatterjee <sandeep1960@ yahoo.com> wrote: The
      > need to ascribe attributes is the attempt of the mind/self to get
      a fix on this thingy which the mind/self itself has created i.e. Enlightenment. In the pursuit of the fixing is the very existence and perpetuation of the mind/self. All definings(and all ascribed attributes are definings) are confabulations of the known about the known. A cul-de-sac. For the known can never meet the unknown. Never can taste the unknowable. Whatever be the experience, no matter how profound, it&#39;s just projections of the known. Faced with the proposition that something is neither spontaneous nor a gradual causal process in time, the mind/self flounders with either a defensive reaction(after all the known has to seek to protect itself) or it poses the question.... ..THEN WHAT. In the absence of further fuel for the known....... is it&#39;s .......poof. Which is neither spontaneous nor gradual. :-) Aideen
      > McKenna wrote: > ‘Way back when this long > conversation
      with Bob Rose got underway in 2001, someone (probably Bob) said > something to the effect that we all start out in life as enlightened, but then > we clutter ourselves up so completely that it takes considerable doing to clear > away all the crud to let the light shine through again – I recall an > analogy of cleaning a screen so as to allow the sun to shine through the > window.  So as Sandeep says, enlightennment’s not an event. > Aideen >   > From: meditationsocietyof america@yahoogro ups.com [mailto: meditationsocietyof america@yahoogro ups.com ] On Behalf Of sandeep chatterjee > Sent: March 22, 2008 11:14 PM > To: jeff@mindgoal. com > Cc: meditationsocietyof america@yahoogro ups.com > Subject: RE: [Meditation Society > of America] Re: Sudden enlightenment >   > An experience can
      > be spontaneous or a gradual > enfolding within time. >
      &#39;&#39;Enlighten ment&#39; is not an experience, not a
      > causal event within time. > Thus being un-reference- able,
      neither the term spontaneous nor gradual can > be attributed. > Jeff Belyea wrote: >> --- In meditationsocietyof america@yahoogro ups.com , sean tremblay >> <bethjams9@. ..> wrote:
      >>> >>> Anybody have any thoughts on Spontaneous
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