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16161How Mullah Nasrudin Became Happy

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Mar 25, 2008
      Mulla always used to be happy. He would be
      happy even if he did not receive any food
      and if he was shivering due to the roof of
      his hut had flown away in heavy rains, he
      would be happy. Even when his wife Guljan
      scolded him, he would be in peace and joy.
      Someone asked, "Mulla, how can you always
      remain happy ?"
      Mulla said: "I used to be always unhappy, but
      one day suddenly I became happy and since
      then I have been happy. I was always pessimistic.
      If someone asked me to do some work, then I
      thought that it would not succeed. I always
      used to have doubts that whether it is possible
      or not. I used to see only difficulties one
      can encounter on the way to doing work. Once
      I became rich. I had my own house, there was
      an orchard and lots of apples were grown there,
      but many of them used to get spoiled. Some times
      there may not be rains at all. And sometimes
      enough rains. The weather was also suitable,
      so that I would not have any reason for complaining.
      My gardener told me,
      "Mullaji, this time there is going to be
      very good yield. Not a single apple is spoiled".
      Mulla said, "Even then I was unhappy. Oh, if the
      apples are not going to be spoiled then what will
      we feed the animals ? All the apples are good, not
      a single one is spoiled, that is the difficulty".
      My gardener was in despair hearing this. If many
      apples get spoilt, then there was unhappiness,
      and if the apples are good and ripe, then also
      there is unhappiness".
      Then the gardener told me, "If all the apples are
      good then you have unhappiness of not getting
      spoiled apples and if there is no proper yield
      and apples get spoiled, then also you are unhappy,
      so why don't you be happy by both the thoughts -
      if the yield is good, we will get more money and
      if apples are spoiled then we will feed them to
      the animals ?"
      Mulla said, "The gardener showed me the key to
      happiness! There are two sides of any matter,
      any event. So why not choose the happy side ?
      I do not feel unhappiness even if Guljan scolds
      me. When she gets angry, I get a chance to
      practice the art of maintaining calm. It has
      become an unavoidable part of my life, and I have
      learnt to live with it. I fought enough for so
      many days. Now I have decided, whatever is going
      to happen, no one can stop it. Let us try. If
      possible, I adjust to the present situation and
      co-operate with it. That's all, I am always
      happy and everywhere there is joy."