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16147RE: [Meditation Society of America] The Bhagavad Gita 7

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  • sandeep chatterjee
    Mar 23, 2008
      Thus spake Osama to the new Al Queda recruits.

      westwindwood2003 wrote:
      > Swerve Not From Duty 31 to 37
      > 31. One is born into the class of people that fight for
      > righteousness, and nothing is higher that this duty, so look at not
      > to waver.
      > 32. It has happened at this time that the gift of enlightenment is
      > apparent; O partha of the fighting class, go into this battle.
      > 33. But if you avoid this righteous warfare that is you fame, your
      > duty, abandonment shall incur sin.
      > 34. Your dishonor will be told about by the honored and this
      > everlastingly so and exceeds the pain of death
      > 35. Other warriors who have experienced enlightenment and currently
      > hold you in high esteem will decide you are a light weigh for
      > withdrawing from the battle for the spiritual.
      > 36. Belittling words are to be spoken and many will say your enemies
      > will criticize your petty power. What could be more painful than
      > this?
      > 37. In death you will gain heaven; victorious you will enjoy the
      > earth. Therefore Arjuna, be resolved to fight.
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