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1614Nasrudin about "Techniques and Teachers"

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jan 1, 2003
      Nasrudin once purchased a big rowboat and took a trip across the sea,
      far from his village, on an errand. Shortly afterward, Nasrudin was
      seen carrying the big rowboat on his back as he walked through the
      village. Everyday it was the same thing. Everywhere Nasrudin went he
      carried the big rowboat on his back. This went on for several weeks
      until one of the villagers, who was very curious, approached Nasrudin
      and asked:
      "Nasrudin, why are you always carrying that big rowboat around on your
      Taking a breath as he adjusted the rowboat on his back, Nasrudin said:
      "Oh, you see this rowboat came in very handy when I traveled across
      the sea, so I'm carring it with me. You never know when I might need