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16133The Bhagavad Gita 6

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  • westwindwood2003
    Mar 20, 2008
      Atman transcends mind, speech, and understanding

      29: Enlightenment happens to someone: astonished, awed, in wonder,
      overwhelmed even; therefore, the speaking of this foregoing to another,
      the superlative words are not nearly enough, and so this other knows
      not of what is trying to be expressed, the words bring no
      understanding. To the casual bystanders all this description means
      nothing whatsoever.

      30: In all bodies is the indestructible Indweller, O Bharta (Arjuna),
      grieve not for them at all.

      Well, since you have the Indweller, you work with yourself so that if
      It is revealed, the superlative guidance and wisdom presented for the
      Self to take up, to evolve towards the Indweller's nature will be
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