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1613Shadow Play of Light and Devils Advocate

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  • G <crystalkundalini@hotmail.com>
    Jan 1, 2003
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      Shadow Play of Light and Devils Advocate

      Oh Judi, Oh Judi, you come in shadow play - wearing the mask -
      Satan - to sift that which may be sifted
      Mara - with arrows to pierce that which may be pierced
      the Angel that blows the tumpet, to shake the foundations of what may
      be shaken
      Kali to cut that which may be cut
      Lillith to tempt that which may be tempted
      Wrathful Daikini, to burn that which may be burnt....

      Let the secrets of this play now be given in clear Light.
      For those to understand who have the eyes to see and the ears to

      In total darkness ignorance is... Light gives rise to Light and
      The brighter the light the more readily the shadow is seen and
      For Light is wisdom and knowledge...

      Beyond the Light and Dark is Source - That which IS - Clear -
      Pure Potential- Untainted Original Mind- Essense and Seed of Life -
      THIS sprouts ability to know...

      Now hear and cognise the answers to this Shadow Play -

      Where clinging is Not - what may be sifted?

      Where emptiness IS - what may be pierced?

      When Primal Source is One - what may be shaken?

      When egos illusion has died - what may be cut?

      Where desires are Not - what may be tempted?

      Where even Purity has been refined until it is no more and only
      essense remains - what may be burnt?

      While clinging to light and dark the gunas (rajasic/ doing -
      tamasic/undoing - satvik/neutral) remain in play....

      at 0 point all falls away and simply the Clear Light of Being IS.....

      This is the Buddha Mind.....

      One tears down and One builds up - both are honoring their natures
      and wisdom garnered... One negates not the other for many are the
      ways to Source....
      Many are the lights of Gods wisdom... Diverse are the ways and paths
      to Source.... May all be honored for what they bring for the
      Liberation that is shared....

      Shanti Shanti Maha Shanti Om .....g.....
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