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16129The Bhagavad Gita 5

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  • westwindwood2003
    Mar 19, 2008
      The materialistic standpoint, nothing is permanent, nihilism,
      atheism, (unorthodox opinions)

      26. Consider: And now this constantly aborning, or thinking death,
      this is inevitable, even then Oh Mighty Armed, do not grieve. (All
      together now, one, two, three, in two part harmony)

      27. Of the born, for certain there is death, and a birth for that
      which is dead, and therefore the matter is inevitable. You aught not
      to grieve. (Life, death, life, death, life, deathÂ… one after the
      other as long as there is karma to work out and then nothing at the
      end, or maybe it's just an exchange of one physical entity for
      another over and over again. This is for the materialists, but what
      of enlightenment for thou?)

      28. Un-manifested in the beginning, beings manifested in their middle
      state O Bharatha, un-manifested again in the end, so again what grief
      is there? (Nature dictates there be manifestations, but there is no
      Self through it all)

      The above opinions, although not in agreement with accepted beliefs,
      are examined. Ultimately, no big deal because whatever you believe,
      when you get whacked up the side of the head with enlightenment, then
      you have to accept It and get off your duff, and give up despondency
      or whatever you were clinging to, or believing in, accept It and go
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