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  • Athanor
    Jan 1, 2003
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      Thank you Jeff,
      I do choose joy.. i love joy! there is nothing more beautifull in my life than the freedom.. (I used to travel a lot and i have spent a few months on the mountains; i have left my parents home at 18) and this freedom brings me a lot of joy in every day of my life... Joy is the one who makes me dance, is the one who makes me open my eyes more and more to reality, joy makes me want to do everything right... as this should be the real state of a human being - JOY.

      I was saying about pain that it is a great teacher (and it always reminds me to do my "homeworks"), because i think there is a special state when one is in pains... when there is pain, there is also more atention - to both: physical body and the mind... When i'm in pains i know that i see this like a picture, and in this picture i can almost see myself laid in bed with a distorsioned face. When i have a pain, almost my entire atention goes there to "see" it..

      ps i'm very behind with the talks here.. i didn't feel very well those days

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      Mirela -

      Asking questions is
      part of the purpose
      of this group as I
      read it. We all
      benefit from the
      exploration of
      consciousness, so
      please keep up the
      questions. And...

      Choose joy.

      In joy and understanding
      there is clarity and
      decisive, unencumbered
      action. Joy is not
      inactive and unaware
      or unconcerned. Joy is
      much better than that.
      Joy brings unshakable
      self-confidence, trust
      in your own judgment
      and the beautiful,
      graceful spontaneity
      of a child. Joy is
      not selfish, it is
      caring and kind and
      wise. Choose joy.

      The peaceful quiet
      of meditation opens
      the door to the real
      experience of joy -
      a fullness of joy
      that sees the entire
      world as if for the
      first time in every
      new moment, sees the
      love and goodness in
      everyone, delights in
      a sunrise, a smile,
      a hug. Bring joy
      to the world, Mirela.
      There's already
      enough pain.

      I wish you peace
      and love and joy
      and understanding
      in the new year,
      and in every new



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