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16107Answers to Unanswerable Questions By Swami Sivananda

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Mar 13, 2008
      When and why has God created the world ?
      Why were we created and put to this miserable and pitiable plight ?
      How did Avidya (ignorance) arise in us ?
      When did Karma begin ?
      How could Avidya (ignorance) or Maya exist in the Supreme Absolute Light ?
      Why did the formless assume forms ?
      Why is there evil in this world ?

      Questions like these are Ati-prasna or
      transcendental queries - for which you
      will not get an answer even if you rack
      your brain for million of years. Answers
      to these questions cannot be understood
      with your intellect. You can understand
      it only with your intuition.

      It involves the understanding of the Ultimate
      Principle, the Intelligence that is behind
      and beyond these questions, the Cause of all
      causes, the Subject of all objects. It cannot
      be known as object. And, when the subject
      (Self or Atman) knows Itself, speech and
      thought cease. The questioner and question
      vanish in the quest. The doubt disappears in
      the doubter. In that Supreme Silence, the problem
      is inexpressibly solved! The riddle is solved;
      but speech is baffled - and the question remains

      If a small son questions his father, "Papa, how
      did you procreate me ?", what answer will Papa
      give ? He will simply say, "Wait. When you become
      a man, you will understand this point". This is
      exactly the case with new aspirants in whom the
      Light is trying to shine forth. Do not put the
      cart before the horse. Don't bother about why
      creation came into being, but try to know the
      Creator! Take creation for what it is and try to
      transcend it. This is wisdom. Trying to probe
      intellectually into the mystery is only buying
      psychological distress.

      There is no 'Why ?' in respect of transcendental
      matters. 'Why ?' is only for worldly things. Reason
      is finite and frail. God only knows the 'Why ?'.
      Realize the Atma. Then you will get the answers.
      Then you will know the origin and nature of EVERYTHING.

      At the present moment, apply yourself to solid
      Sadhana (spiritual practices) in earnestness
      and remove Mala (impurities like lust, greed,
      hatred, anger, jealousy, etc.), Vikshepa (the
      tossing of mind) and Avarana (veil of ignorance).
      Do not enter into vain discussions and arguments
      on such matters.
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