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16078Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Mullah Nasrudin Tells It Like It Is

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  • sean tremblay
    Mar 1, 2008
      I believe anybody that lives in the world faces these problems and we all have the answers to them.  As for finding a teacher I personally would not follow any one teacher, I think teachers are all around you.  Meditating like running, you don't need a coach or personal trainer to accomplish your goals.  And I am speaking as someone who often gets caught up in the rigmarole of daily life and falls short of my potential.

      westwindwood2003 <westwindwood2003@...> wrote:
      Here are all the problems I can think of at the moment in taking up
      meditation. I list these, not because I wish to discourage
      meditation, but to allow to can plan ahead. If one works out the
      problems and issues ahead of time, success is more likely.

      One knows what they are doing with their life, why look at something
      that requires disturbing the status quo. I don't need anything else
      as my own clever mind to guide me in my life's decisions.

      Could meditation somehow hurt me in a psychological way?

      I will need approximately 45 minutes out of a busy day to meditate.

      Can I find a place to meditate with kids making noise and getting
      into mischief; do I have a spouse or someone to watch the kids?

      What will my acquaintances and relatives think I am up to, trying to
      get out of chores?

      Feelings will surface in meditation I will have to do something about
      to resolve them or the same feeling will come back again and again
      with no resolution possible.

      I will have to find a teacher I trust, and how will I know if they
      are trustworthy and wise. A lot of people are trying to make money on
      meditators, for example just look at the Internet

      When enlightenment happens, I will suffer giving up my karma driven
      ego attachments and will be find it is all I can do to get through
      the change.

      Enlightenment will give me guidance on how to conduct my life. I
      will be directed to change my behavior, and that will eventually
      change my personality and I like my personality the way it is.

      It probably will take lifetimes to work out all my karma so lets just
      enjoy life now and worry about working things out some other lifetime.

      Off the top of my head, here are some positive things I can think of
      about meditation. Maybe you can think of some more benefits.

      I will be a lot calmer about what is happening in my life. People
      will find me a lot easier to be with.

      Problems in my subconscious that rule my actions will be revealed.

      Dreams will not bother me

      Anything in life can be dealt with

      I will be a benefit to others

      Life will get better for me

      Problems that I cannot solve myself I can turn over to the
      enlightenment process

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