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  • medit8ionsociety
    Feb 24, 2008
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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "westwindwood2003"
      <westwindwood2003@...> wrote:
      > Here is mine:
      > I was thinking about how natural it is to meditate. In a beautiful
      > rural setting, my eyes gaze upon the wonderful surroundings and it is
      > just myself taking it in and not analyzing it. Some gardens are
      > specifically laid out for meditation, a garden at a Zen temple for
      > instance. The intellectual mind just stops and I am left with my
      > feelings coming to the fore of my consciousness. At another time I
      > will be doing a simple task like washing dishes and again my feelings
      > and emotional propensities come into view. Before I became wise to
      > the ways of meditation, I would shut off these feelings flowing into
      > my awareness because invariably it would seem that the subject matter
      > would have a turmoil to it that would be uncomfortable,
      > disconcerting, needing a way out of what came to the forefront.
      > I prefer these natural ways of meditating because with a mantra,
      > breath watching, a candle flame, a rosary, the meditative state is
      > occupied much of the time with the method of getting into meditation,
      > and there is less room for the unconscious desires that are mucking
      > up my life to come forth for resolution. There are other altered
      > states for comparison. In a state of sexual passion, the
      > intellectual mind shuts down and a lot of feelings come forth and at
      > a peak even feelings seem to shut down, but what happens is much more
      > intense that meditation, and maybe a baby is created into a loving
      > home. There are drugs that bring forth visions, such as LSD,
      > opiates, or alcohol addiction hallucinations (well, I never
      > experienced that), but there is no single subject that flows forth
      > into awareness and evolves towards recognition with drug-induced
      > visions. Sleep brings dreams, and this is much more intense than
      > meditation, and if the subject matter of a dream is deliberately
      > remembered while meditating, the feeling brought forth is much more
      > intense that what is normally experienced in meditation.
      > It seems for me that meditation only brings up as much as can be
      > dealt with and after meditating for about 45 minutes the issue or
      > subject that came up in meditation resolves into a single clear
      > awareness of the problem. Now enlightenment when it first is
      > revealed to a person is much more intense than any above mentioned
      > altered states and from enlightenment flows a wisdom not of ones own
      > nature about what to do with the issue that came to clarity while
      > meditating for 45 minutes. If a person follows what that wisdom
      > tells them to do, the person eventually evolves towards what
      > enlightenment wisdom is and after lifetimes merges into it.
      Yo Westwind,
      I resonate with much of what you are sharing
      and recognize some things that we differ about,
      such as the statements about dreams being "much
      more intense than meditation". But I think we
      may just have different things in mind when we
      use the terms we do that are meant to describe
      various states of consciousness. For instance,
      to answer 'What Meditation Is Like For Me', I feel
      that before meditation became an ongoing part of
      my life, I was in a dream-like state even when I
      was "awake". And nothing in that level of consciousness
      was really clear or "Real", much like a fetus cannot
      be said to be appreciating the full experience of
      life as a human. And with meditation, just as the new-born
      child can see, hear, taste, smell, and feel in
      a way that never was known before, the adult in
      us can relate to Reality in ways never before possible.
      In any event, I enjoy what you share and it points
      to beneficial concepts that are well worth
      meditating upon.
      Peace and blessings,
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