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  • judirhodes <judirhodes@zianet.com>
    Jan 1, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Belyea
      <jeff@m...>" <jeff@m...> wrote:
      > Sweet friend, Judi -
      > Can you possibly keep your
      > slasher tongue in its holster
      > long enough to read more
      > than one sentence? Your
      > self-contradiction is
      > showing all over the place.
      > You say it's not joy, but you call
      > it pure joy.

      ***** Big difference. It's "indistinguishable".

      It's not experience
      > but you call it a new
      > perceptual condition.

      ******** Yep.

      > New is necessarily experiential,
      > perception is experiential -

      ****** Nope, for "experience" to be, there would have to be
      an "experiencer", of which there is none. :-)

      > understanding is experiential.

      ****** Wrong again! Understanding is non-experiential.
      Ever heard the term "non-duality"? Well there you have it.

      > Semantic hair-splitting
      > just to be an antagonist
      > is your tiresome game.
      ******** It's not hair-splitting Jeff, it's just the way it is.
      You're splitting yourself off as the "haver" of experience.
      Into good and bad experience, which is true for you, but not for me,
      I see all experience for what it is. Therein lies the difference.

      > And speaking of place, this
      > really isn't the place for this,
      > but I'm tired of stepping
      > in your smelly bullshit
      > everywhere I go...and I want
      > a shoot out, Rocky.
      > Go ahead and run back to the ranch.
      > I'll be on your trail. I don't
      > like your style, but I grew
      > up with people who walked it
      > and talked it, and I'm willing
      > and able to stand my ground
      > against your bluster, buster.
      ****** Take another look, you have no "ground" to stand on.
      Or more to the point, your "ground" is your own ego.

      > I guess you don't have enough
      > to rant about at the ranch.
      > You got an extra bunk?.
      > You didn't run me off, you
      > invited me back "anytime".
      > Still a standing invitation?
      > You'll have your boys there.
      > I left because your juvenile boys
      > grew ridiculously boring.

      ******** Yes, we're "boring" as hell. :-)

      > They didn't scare me off, my
      > side was hurting from laughing
      > at their naivety, pompous parroting,
      > and pitiful pandering to you.
      > You talk about others wanting fawning
      > disciples.

      ***** There's no such "fawning" going on.

      What do you have at
      > the ranch? They got nothing.

      ****** Well, you're right there. Got plenty of nothing. :-)

      > Less than Snarlo's Guru Raters,
      > even.
      > And get real, you jumped around
      > like a tenderfoot with someone
      > shooting at her feet when my
      > inquiries got too hot.
      ***** Not true, you just didn't like the answers you got.

      > You, I challenge to duel...
      > Hot-Air filled Cream puffs
      > at 50 paces. That's about
      > all you got other than
      > a bundt pan.
      > Still reading?...
      > On July 21, 1975 at about
      > 9:30am my life changed, a
      > door opened. It was not a flash,
      > not a la la la moment, it was a
      > permanent shift of identity,
      > a new awareness of a reality
      > that I had been separated
      > from - a separate reality -
      > until known, a new overriding
      > current running through my every
      > conscious moment from that
      > moment on. And it was and is
      > blissful, peaceful beyond
      > understanding, and full of joy.
      > Still is.Doesn't mean I don't have
      > a bold and bad-ass ego, or
      > that I run from a scrap.
      > Not all sages are milquetoasts,
      > the best of them have been
      > known to fashion a whip and
      > crack a few heads.
      > Whatever I choose to call
      > my awakening experience
      > cannot be negated by your
      > constant carping. Its wasted.
      > The person who entered
      > the meditation center,
      > after 24 years of seeking,
      > never left. He ceased to exit.
      > (Sound familiar?)
      > So you don't subscribe to
      > the Boddisattva vow? I do.
      > I took it. I honor it.
      ******* I chuckle. :-) LOL You are too funny Jeff!
      What the hell you honoring? LOL Don't be ridiculous.
      Give it a rest. :-)

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