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  • judirhodes <judirhodes@zianet.com>
    Jan 1, 2003
      Aha! Struck a nerve did I? Well there you have it.
      Sure, come on over the ranch, I'm not the only one who can see
      through your "pink experiential panties". :-)


      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Belyea
      <jeff@m...>" <jeff@m...> wrote:
      > Sweet friend, Judi -
      > Can you possibly keep your
      > slasher tongue in its holster
      > long enough to read more
      > than one sentence? Your
      > self-contradiction is
      > showing all over the place.
      > You say it's not joy, but you call
      > it pure joy. It's not experience
      > but you call it a new
      > perceptual condition.
      > New is necessarily experiential,
      > perception is experiential -
      > understanding is experiential.
      > Semantic hair-splitting
      > just to be an antagonist
      > is your tiresome game.
      > And speaking of place, this
      > really isn't the place for this,
      > but I'm tired of stepping
      > in your smelly bullshit
      > everywhere I go...and I want
      > a shoot out, Rocky.
      > Go ahead and run back to the ranch.
      > I'll be on your trail. I don't
      > like your style, but I grew
      > up with people who walked it
      > and talked it, and I'm willing
      > and able to stand my ground
      > against your bluster, buster.
      > I guess you don't have enough
      > to rant about at the ranch.
      > You got an extra bunk?.
      > You didn't run me off, you
      > invited me back "anytime".
      > Still a standing invitation?
      > You'll have your boys there.
      > I left because your juvenile boys
      > grew ridiculously boring.
      > They didn't scare me off, my
      > side was hurting from laughing
      > at their naivety, pompous parroting,
      > and pitiful pandering to you.
      > You talk about others wanting fawning
      > disciples. What do you have at
      > the ranch? They got nothing.
      > Less than Snarlo's Guru Raters,
      > even.
      > And get real, you jumped around
      > like a tenderfoot with someone
      > shooting at her feet when my
      > inquiries got too hot.
      > You, I challenge to duel...
      > Hot-Air filled Cream puffs
      > at 50 paces. That's about
      > all you got other than
      > a bundt pan.
      > Still reading?...
      > On July 21, 1975 at about
      > 9:30am my life changed, a
      > door opened. It was not a flash,
      > not a la la la moment, it was a
      > permanent shift of identity,
      > a new awareness of a reality
      > that I had been separated
      > from - a separate reality -
      > until known, a new overriding
      > current running through my every
      > conscious moment from that
      > moment on. And it was and is
      > blissful, peaceful beyond
      > understanding, and full of joy.
      > Still is.Doesn't mean I don't have
      > a bold and bad-ass ego, or
      > that I run from a scrap.
      > Not all sages are milquetoasts,
      > the best of them have been
      > known to fashion a whip and
      > crack a few heads.
      > Whatever I choose to call
      > my awakening experience
      > cannot be negated by your
      > constant carping. Its wasted.
      > The person who entered
      > the meditation center,
      > after 24 years of seeking,
      > never left. He ceased to exit.
      > (Sound familiar?)
      > So you don't subscribe to
      > the Boddisattva vow? I do.
      > I took it. I honor it.
      > Your shots at my ego
      > are in vain. I grin
      > and bear it, because I don't
      > miss the wry smile behind
      > all your seeming ferocity.
      > But for the sake of
      > those who are here
      > for inquiry...
      > Can't you ever just shut
      > the fuck up, and let someone
      > speak without whacking them on
      > the head with your tight-ass,
      > self-righteous, know-it-all
      > table of the Judi commandments?
      > Your need to straighten
      > out all the error you
      > see in everyone else
      > might have something to
      > do with the ego you
      > consistently see
      > all around you.
      > Rude enough to win
      > you over?
      > Your blissed out bawdy friend,
      > Jeff
      > PS: My apologies to the gentle folks here
      > for this evening's R-Rated entertainment.
      > Somewhere there's a lesson here.I'm going
      > to go see what's cookin' at the ranch.
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