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15991Re: [Meditation Society of America] Enlightenment or Grace

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  • sandeep chatterjee
    Feb 14, 2008
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      However since even the state of deep sleep is a durational occurrence, it is also within the gestalt of time.
      The state of deep sleep has a start and an end.

      That which is trancendental to even the state of deep sleep is.....

      yeshwanthi vasudevan wrote:
      > But Sandeep, isn't that like a deep-sleep state. While I'am asleep (in deep-sleep) there is no form, identity or any past, present or future related to that identity of "me", while I'am in a deep-sleep.   While I'am in a deep sleep, there is no "me" to be aware of the fact that there is no "me" (along with all the baggage that the "me" carries with itself, such as form, identity, past, present future etc).    In other words, while I'am in a deep sleep, I don't even know if I'am alive or dead.   sandeep chatterjee <sandeep1960@ yahoo.com> wrote: Jeff Belyea <jeff@mindgoal. com> wrote: --- In meditationsocietyof america@yahoogro ups.com , sandeep chatterjee <sandeep1960@ ...> wrote: > Changing mulberry bushes, does not cease the running > around. This true, but it is through the running around, and finding of just the right mulberry bush in just the right light that entices the mind to cease running and
      conceptualizing. ------------ The mind can never cease running or conceptualizing. The very presence of the sense of conceptualizing. .. infers the existence of the
      > mind. The very sense that such and such act which may be enfolding as the moment, moment to moment will get "me" such and such, infers the existence of the "me". The very presence of a sense of enticement, no matter about what........ ..is the sense of the mind. The very presence of a sense of a stake (and enticement is nothing but a stake), no matter about what........ ..is the sense of the mind. Thus the mind can never know or experience the state (so to say) of the absence of the presence of conceptualizing. And thus the state....... ....(to use a mere term).. . of the absence of the presence of conceptualizing and the absence of this very absence..... .....has no cognition of a mind........ ... let alone a mind  to be enticed to cease.   Awakened.... ......there is nothing which is not already
      > awakened. Nor is there anything which is awakened either.   And yet this post as a pointing over cyber space....... ... happens.   .
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