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15982Jain Prayer In Preparation For Meditation (and Life)

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Feb 13, 2008
      As long as I am seated in this meditation,
      I shall patiently suffer all calamities
      that might befall me, be they caused by an
      animal, a human being or a god.

      I renounce, for the duration [of this meditation],
      my body, all food, and all passions.
      Attachment, aversion, fear, sorrow, joy, anxiety,
      self-pity... all these I abandon with body,
      mind, and speech. I further renounce all delight
      and all repulsion of a sexual nature.

      Whether it is life or death, whether gain
      or loss, whether defeat or victory, whether
      meeting or separation, whether friend or enemy, whether
      pleasure or pain, I have equanimity towards all.

      In [attaining] knowledge, insight, and proper
      conduct, [the cause] is invariably nothing but
      my own soul. Similarly, my soul [is cause] for
      both the influx of karmas and the stopping of that influx.

      One and eternal is my soul, characterized by
      intuition and knowledge; all other states that
      I undergo are external to me, for they are formed by
      associations. Because of these associations my
      soul has suffered the chains of misery; therefore
      I renounce with body, mind, and speech, all
      relationships based on such associations.

      Thus have I attained to equanimity and to my
      own self-nature. May this state of equanimity be
      with me until I attain salvation.

      Jainism. Samayika Patha
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