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  • Jeff Belyea <jeff@mindgoal.com>
    Jan 1, 2003
      Thanks, Bob. Beautiful satsang from Sivananda.
      The sense of two worlds and especially the
      two languages resonate clearly.

      So often, religious admonition to live by
      a certain code or set of rituals, and even
      the claim to exclusivity, is based on
      the new language wrongly interpreted as
      relative to the physical world and then
      "taught" by those who do not know of what
      they speak. These are the false prophets
      so often warned about by Jesus (and Judi).

      Awakened teachers speaking of the results
      of their new perceptions of a separate reality
      in which a perfect joy, perfect love and perfect
      harmony can be known intuitively, are speaking
      from experiential knowledge and understanding.

      The difficulty, the impossibility, of
      distinguishing who is speaking from
      experiential knowledge and who is speaking
      from ego and rationally acquired, intellectual
      postulating, seems the source of much of
      the negative reaction to present day teachers
      and accusations of fraud and hidden agenda
      leveled at them.

      As you say, famous dead guys and those
      who are "to come in future" fare much
      better than those who are in the
      present moment - much the way the ego
      resists resting in the present moment.

      Some of us who have received what I consider
      to be pure gift, feel that they were allowed
      to see this truth under the agreement that
      they would communicate it to others
      (Boddisattva vow) - even though they find
      that it cannot be put in words and must be
      personally experienced to be known. Others
      who come to understand this "new language" feel
      that any attempt to guide is misguidance.

      I received guidance. And am grateful for it.
      So, my leaning is to offer to guide and
      witness to the possibility of new understanding
      available to us, that which we are intuitively
      drawn to seek out.

      Ultimately, the guidance is to "go within" and
      discover what is already there - the kingdom
      within. Meditation is the method prescribed
      by virtually all awakened teachers.
      For me, it was a re-awakening in the midst
      of formal meditation, and so the paradigm
      in which I "teach" is that our natural state
      is one of enlightenment and it is a re-awakening
      that "returns us" to our natural enlightenment
      and pure joy in living that we knew as a child.

      "By their fruits you shall know them".
      Your fruit bowl is full and your
      manner always gracious, Bob.
      I love the work you do and I admire
      the equanimity and openness you
      maintain. Happy New Year.

      Peace and love and gratitude,

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