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15931Nasrudin Goes To College

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Feb 1, 2008
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      Mullah Nasrudin thought it would be beneficial
      to have a college degree so he asked a famous
      philosophy Professor to give him a Doctorate
      in Wisdom. The Professor had just concluded
      his last lecture of the semester and was about
      to give his class their final test. Feeling
      good about the opportunity to show the students
      that he much cleverer than Nasrudin he said to
      the Mullah "Well sir, if you can pass the test
      I am giving to this class,I will give you
      the college degree you want. It will just be
      one question, but only if you give the best
      answer of any of those taking the test will
      you be awarded a passing grade."
      Nasrudin agreed and sat down with the students.
      The whole class looked forward to the humiliation
      they were sure would soon descend on the Mullah.
      They were filled with pride amd superiority
      because after attending so many of their esteemed
      teachers lectures, they were sure that only they
      were bright and learned enough to pass the test.

      The Professor then got up from his chair and put
      it on a table and said...

      "Using everything we have learned this semester,
      prove that this chair does not exist."

      The students began writing their papers. They were
      suprised when Nasrudin got up just a few moments after
      he had begun. They were sure he had either not understood
      the concept of had become frustrated and gave up.
      They proceeded to write furiously and copiously.
      Some of them were done in a few hours but most spent
      the entire afternoon and night writing enough pages
      to fill a thick book in their effort to prove the
      chair did not exist.

      The next day when the grades were posted, the students
      were astonished to find that even though Nasrudin
      had barely written anything at all, the Professor had
      apologized to Nasrudin for his snotty attitude and
      had in fact awarded him a Doctor of Wisdom degree. They
      asked their teacher how this had occurred, and the
      Professor explained:

      "His answer consisted of two words"

      "What chair?"