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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jan 1, 2003
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      By Swami Sivananda

      The man who stands up to his neck in water has a two­fold
      experience. His head is exposed to the sun. He experiences both heat
      and cold. Such is the experience of a liberated sage. He has double
      consciousness. He enjoys the bliss of Brahman, but also has the
      experience of this world. He is like a man who knows two languages.

      Just as the pot in which asafoetida or onion is kept emits a certain
      amount of smell even when it is cleaned several times, so also, a
      small trace of ignorance still remains in the mind of a sage. The
      jivanmukta (liberated sage) has a consciousness of the body in the
      form of an impression in the subconscious mind. That is the reason
      why he eats and drinks. Though the instinctive mind with low desires
      is destroyed, the pure mind does not perish in the liberated sage.
      How will he be able to engage himself in worldly activity without an
      instrument, namely, the mind?

      The phenomenal universe does not vanish from the vision of the
      liberated sage. He sees the world as a dream within himself. Just as
      the mirage appears even after the illusory nature of the water is
      understood, so also, the world appears for a jivanmukta even after he
      has attained self-realisation, even after he has clearly understood
      the illusory nature of the world. But, just as the man who has
      understood the nature of the mirage will not run after the mirage for
      drinking water, so also, the sage who is liberated will not pursue
      sensual objects like the worldly-minded people though the world
      appears to him. That is the difference between a worldly man and a
      liberated sage.

      The jivanmukta beholds the one reality or God everywhere and in all
      things. For him there is no distinction between a rogue and a saint,
      gold and stone, honour and dishonour. He actually feels that all is
      himself only that snakes, scorpions, tigers, bears and lions are as
      much part of himself as his own eyes, nose, ears, hands and feet. He
      is one with the flower, sun, ether, ocean, mountain and sky. He has
      cosmic vision and cosmic feelings.
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