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15914Re: What meditation REALLY has done so far.

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  • jogeshwarmahanta
    Jan 26, 2008
      Strange! No interest in either preventive or therapeutic aspect of
      meditation or guided imagery.

      National Institute Of Health is spending millions on Cmplementary
      and alternative medicines.

      Bill Gates spends none.

      --- In
      meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "jogeshwarmahanta"
      <jogeshwarmahanta@...> wrote:
      > Dear friends! There are abundant of tall claims on meditation but
      > was looking for illustrations for years. Here I find ONE,BRK
      > 1."I have not
      > fallen ill for the past fifty years."
      > All systems are regulated.
      > 2" Not even I had been attacked by
      > common cold ! "
      > Immune system is made perfect.
      > 3"I never get headache !"
      > No involuntary stress
      > 4." Body temperature remains normal
      > always ! I have traversed in icy cold Himalayas with a cotton
      > on ! The Indian Army doctors have checked up my pulse rate and
      > to be normal even in sub-zero conditions"
      > Thermal system is transformed.
      > Dear aspirants! Do you get booster to your practice? Are there
      > illustrations too in this group?
      > regards
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