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15909What meditation REALLY has done so far.

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  • jogeshwarmahanta
    Jan 23, 2008
      Dear friends! There are abundant of tall claims on meditation but I
      was looking for illustrations for years. Here I find ONE,BRK

      1."I have not
      fallen ill for the past fifty years."
      All systems are regulated.
      2" Not even I had been attacked by
      common cold ! "
      Immune system is made perfect.
      3"I never get headache !"
      No involuntary stress
      4." Body temperature remains normal
      always ! I have traversed in icy cold Himalayas with a cotton shirt
      on ! The Indian Army doctors have checked up my pulse rate and found
      to be normal even in sub-zero conditions"

      Thermal system is transformed.

      Dear aspirants! Do you get booster to your practice? Are there other
      illustrations too in this group?
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