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15896[Meditation Society of America] Re: Meditation, can it be dangerous?

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  • jogeshwarmahanta
    Jan 22, 2008
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      "My friends that cautioned me have had
      several experiences with ghosts in their house"


      Congratulation for your success in alleviating health problems. But
      you have a long path to tread, that is:
      From suffering to relief,
      From relief to cure(arogya)
      From cure to ailment freeness(niroga).
      Wish you good luck.

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      <teachertweiss@...> wrote:
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      > Radhakrishnan Kumar <kumarbr20@> wrote:
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      > > Thank you for your reply, and the more I learn about meditation
      > more I believe it can help me. My friends that cautioned me have
      > several experiences with ghosts in their house. I think they have
      > let their imaginations get away from them. I have only recently
      > started to meditate as a way to relieve back pain from a rare
      > I have similar to M.S. I've been using the breathing technique to
      > help me get to sleep, it works! Thank you again
      > > Certainly it is not dangerous ! Meditation is an appointment
      > one self. One should not be afraid of looking into one self.
      > Meditation must be taken up as a sweet endeavour with the hope
      > it will bestow all sweetness on the individual. -- B.R.Kumar,
      > Chennai-41, INDIA
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      > > To: meditationsocietyofamerica@: jogeshwarmahanta@: Sun, 20
      > Jan 2008 06:21:32 +0000Subject: [Meditation Society of America]
      > Meditation, can it be dangerous?
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      > > Meditation means focusing attention on something,object,percept
      > idea. The nature of the "something" matters. First of all,
      > be clear about your purpose.Your practice alone will tell you
      > you are in right direction. If you are not in right direction and
      > still you are forcing yourself then certainly it will harm you. So
      > continuous review of effects is essential.regards--- In
      > meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "teachertweiss"
      > <teachertweiss@> wrote:>> I know to some this may be a stupid
      > question, but I have to ask. Is > there anything dangerous about
      > meditation? I've been cautioned by > several friends that I'm just
      > opening up a window for something evil? > I want to start
      > but I also want to proceed with caution. > Can anyone give me some
      > information on this topic?>
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