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15874Re: [Meditation Society of America] Mambo #5 with God

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  • sean tremblay
    Jan 18, 2008
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      Gods favorite color is Blue
      God is a people person
      God likes water,
      and the outdoors
      God loves astronomy
      I'm not sure what Gods musical preference is
      God looks nothing like Gorge Burns
      But I'm sure God would enjoy a good cigar(who doesnt)
      Bruce Morgen <editor@...> wrote:
      Jeff Belyea wrote:
      > In response to Bob and Bruce's
      > response to Era's post about
      > "knowing God"...
      > Here's my "little bit of this,
      > little bit of that" from my dance:
      > >From The Old Testament
      > (repeated in the New One
      > and reference several times
      > as "having come to pass"):
      > "Behold, the days come,
      > saith the LORD, that I
      > will make a a new covenant...
      > I will put my law in their
      > inward parts, and write it in
      > their hearts; ...
      > they shall all know me."
      > So, if the wise say that
      > they know that God is
      > unknowable, they err. And
      > they are wise in their
      > own mind - which is
      > incidently the major block
      > to enlightenment.
      > Enlightenment IS coming
      > into the knowledgable
      > presence of God..
      > as promised.
      > I know God.
      > Formally introduced
      > July 21, many years ago,
      > at about 9:30am.
      > And we continue to
      > stay in touch.
      > Call me ignorant if
      > you must. God knows.
      I see you as not "ignorant,"
      but perhaps playing somewhat
      fast and loose with the word
      "knowledge," which essentially
      means "stored information. "

      As an illustration, can you
      tell me what it is you "know"
      of this "God?"

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