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15869Re: [Meditation Society of America] Mambo #5 with God

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  • Bruce Morgen
    Jan 17, 2008
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      Jeff Belyea wrote:
      > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, Bruce Morgen
      > <editor@...> wrote:
      >> Jeff Belyea wrote:
      >>> In response to Bob and Bruce's
      >>> response to Era's post about
      >>> "knowing God"...
      >>> Here's my "little bit of this,
      >>> little bit of that" from my dance:
      >>> >From The Old Testament
      >>> (repeated in the New One
      >>> and reference several times
      >>> as "having come to pass"):
      >>> "Behold, the days come,
      >>> saith the LORD, that I
      >>> will make a a new covenant...
      >>> I will put my law in their
      >>> inward parts, and write it in
      >>> their hearts; ...
      >>> they shall all know me."
      >>> So, if the wise say that
      >>> they know that God is
      >>> unknowable, they err. And
      >>> they are wise in their
      >>> own mind - which is
      >>> incidently the major block
      >>> to enlightenment.
      >>> Enlightenment IS coming
      >>> into the knowledgable
      >>> presence of God..
      >>> as promised.
      >>> I know God.
      >>> Formally introduced
      >>> July 21, many years ago,
      >>> at about 9:30am.
      >>> And we continue to
      >>> stay in touch.
      >>> Call me ignorant if
      >>> you must. God knows.
      >> I see you as not "ignorant,"
      >> but perhaps playing somewhat
      >> fast and loose with the word
      >> "knowledge," which essentially
      >> means "stored information."
      >> As an illustration, can you
      >> tell me what it is you "know"
      >> of this "God?"
      > It is the inadequacy of words
      > to explain the fuller meaning
      > of "Knowledge" in the context
      > of my earlier post that makes it
      > seem as a fast and loose dance.


      > Knowledge becomes secondary stored
      > information when it enters
      > the necessarily dualistic world
      > of mental reflection and any
      > attempt at "telling".


      > God can be Known, but God
      > cannot be explained in words;
      > only Known by direct experience...
      > which, to be redundant, is
      > beyond words.

      Iow, "unknowable" -- and
      capitalizing that "K"
      doesn't change that fact.

      Please consider that
      fortunate "realized" folks
      still have the failings of
      incarnate life to deal with.
      Religious conditioning is
      especially problematic and
      can easily lead to mistaking
      the ecstatic response of our
      personal meat puppets to the
      unknowable (aka "Holy
      Spirit") with "knowing God"
      or some such -- our heads
      are full of old scripture
      vouchsafing this knowledge
      to us, so in the aftermoment
      ego "backfills" the miracle
      of realization with that
      stuff and we are quite prone
      to claiming that we now
      "know God." It sure sounds
      good from the pulpit too!

      > Thanks, Bruce. Always
      > enjoy your perspective.

      Right back atcha, Jeff!

      > Jeff
      Much love -- Bruce
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