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15863Mambo #5 with God

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Jan 17, 2008
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      In response to Bob and Bruce's
      response to Era's post about
      "knowing God"...

      Here's my "little bit of this,
      little bit of that" from my dance:

      From The Old Testament
      (repeated in the New One
      and reference several times
      as "having come to pass"):

      "Behold, the days come,
      saith the LORD, that I
      will make a a new covenant...

      I will put my law in their
      inward parts, and write it in
      their hearts; ...

      they shall all know me."

      So, if the wise say that
      they know that God is
      unknowable, they err. And
      they are wise in their
      own mind - which is
      incidently the major block
      to enlightenment.

      Enlightenment IS coming
      into the knowledgable
      presence of God..
      as promised.

      I know God.

      Formally introduced
      July 21, many years ago,
      at about 9:30am.

      And we continue to
      stay in touch.

      Call me ignorant if
      you must. God knows.

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