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15842Can the truth set you free?

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  • jvmarco
    Jan 7, 2008

      Many claim to be dedicated to diverse spiritual realities and personal awakening. For most however, the brain, the ego, the pleasure centers, etc., do not want you fascinated with the idea of truth or waking up. Such a burning fascination would bring the demise of the brain, the ego, the pleasure centers, etc., as the personal thinking process knows them.

      I agree that the truth will set you free, but to have a genuine, burning fascination with truth is very rare,...most people do not want the truth, they want useless happiness, and thus its mate, useless suffering. The realization of truth will bring the demise of beliefs, and the thinking patterns associated with those beliefs.

      Today's human community cannot handle the truth,...truth is too profound to be consciously included in the lives people seek.

      E = mc2 is a partial truth that many accept. Whereas mc2 < c is the fuller truth that most refuse to see; a truth in which everything (that means everything) can be understood through the cognition of that simple equation. All energy and mass is less than the speed of light. People however, cling to the idea of energy and mass as something real, something to be worship like the religious superstititions of their ancestors. The truth is that energy and mass is not real, nor does it exist beyond the dream of separation. Energy is simply the motion of mass seeking a relationship with its source,...a relationship it can never have, because the condition of separation cannot merge with the unconditionality of source. Wholeness is beyond the sum of opposites. The sum of opposites is their cancellation.

      Every teaching of Buddhism points to the fuller truth of the above,...likewise, the Fourth Way philosophy (enneagram) points to the above,...and Maya and Bön Cosmology also points to the above. Yet even the adherents to those philosophies have not gone beyond their beliefs to see the truth. Most people, perhaps more than 99% of the world's population, are not conscious of even a single full truth,...nor do they want to.

      People do not want to understand that the quantum process applies to humans as well as sub-atomic particles. They do not want to know that there cannot be a present or instant in time. The often expressed term 'present time' is an oxymoron. Neither science, religion, nor New Age philosophy desires to move beyond its own theories,...to have a renaissance like view of the patterns that weave our existence. So even though truth will set us free, few wish to let go of the desire of useless happiness, that they cling to for their identity, and to authentically embrace the truth. Most people do not want the "who that they think they are" to disappear. They desire to bring their conditions into the unconditional,...yet truth will never allow that to occur.


      author of mc2 < c
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