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  • Athanor
    Dec 31, 2002
      Happy New Year guys!
      I hope it will bring you all that you need!
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      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] What i have found - Musings for a New Year

      What i have found

      i have found that i can only control my own actions ...
      what others do is up to them and beyond our control, so let it go and
      let it be......

      i have found that , i can only live truth from my end no matter what
      others say or judge about myself or my actions... it matters not when
      truth is lived from the heart and the conscience is pure and
      we cannot change others minds as to the movtivations of our actions
      for they see what they see from the colorations of their own
      existance... we may try to clarify if that doesn't clear the way
      then we must let it go...

      i have found that to have expectations of others is to be sorely
      to find relief engender no expectations...

      i have found that no matter how much suffering we see that we may
      only give what is asked for honestly...
      cast not your pearls before swine lest they turn and rend you...

      i have found that we may only give love and gratitude openly and
      freely the ground wherein it falls may be stony but perhaps just one
      seed may take root and grow....

      i have found that i alone had the capacity to want freedom , but had
      to have the humility to accept the help and wisdom of my Guide and

      i have found that the path of the Bodhisattva is what remains when
      liberation is Known...
      May we all tread that path until liberation and bondage no longer
      have meaning....

      Shanti OM .....g..

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