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15801Inner Witnessing and Ceasing Inner Chattering

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Dec 2, 2007
      The greatest enemy to your peace is your inner Chatterer that
      says there is something wrong now, or in the past, or to come.
      The inner Chatterer may also lull you into accepting misery and
      suffering as what your lot in life is by making you content with
      temporary bandages of momentary pleasant experiences.
      Be in the Witness position and as these type thoughts arise,
      recognize them as what they are, and do whatever brings
      you into a real lasting peaceful mode. This may be by mantra,
      looking through your 3rd eye, doing breath control, or any
      other meditation method. Learn by experimentation and
      regular practice what technique best positions your awareness
      at one with the silent non-commenting inner Witness.
      The inner Witness is aware of what tensions your body is
      going through, what emotional swings are presenting, and
      what thoughts are floating by your minds screen. Looking
      at your life while it is taking place through the inner Witness
      is the antidote to all the poisons that keep you out of the alpha
      and theta brain wave levels, emotional calmness and physical
      non-reactivity that are serene, healing, and advantageous to
      consciousness expansion and evolution. Meditate!