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15783Nullifying Embedded Impressions

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 3, 2007
      " Embedded impressions of previous pleasant
      experiences form the root of diversion and
      temptation. They form the root of losing the
      path, moving away from the straight path and
      going into byways, away from blessedness.
      Therefore there is only one way. These deep-rooted
      samskaras (mental impressions) and vasanas
      (subtle desires) must be destroyed at their
      own level.
      ..... "There are only two methods of dealing with
      them. One powerful method is to constantly affirm
      the Reality. Identify yourself with the true Self,
      your essential, real Being, which has neither
      birth nor death. Then the question of previous
      births and previous impressions itself becomes
      absurd. This is the super method, constantly
      identifying yourself with your nitya nija svarupa
      (own eternal nature) where there is neither upadhi,
      nor samskara, nor vasana, nothing....
      .."The other powerful method is to destroy them
      where they are through deep meditation and the power
      of the Divine Name. That is the purpose of japa.
      This technique of deep meditation and the power of
      the Divine Name can do the impossible, it can do
      everything for you ."
      Swami Chidananda