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  • sriram chandrasekar
    Oct 9, 2007
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      Steady yourself on this earth first

      Excerpts from speeches delivered by Siddha Yogi Shri
      Siva Shankar Baba

      My philosophy of working is not talking about the
      heavens. I am making people to first plant their feet
      firmly on the earth. Steady yourself on this earth and
      then we can talk about the skies. Else you will just
      fall down. If the bus conductor does not place his
      feet firmly, then every time the driver applies the
      brake, he will fall down. The same concept applies to

      This is my language and the present younger generation
      is able to identify themselves with this technique. It
      suits them very well. My methods are very different.
      It is not easy to understand me.

      But I mean only good to anyone who come to me. It is
      difficult for everyone to understand me. But I mean
      only good, nothing but good, to everyone who comes to

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      surendra_gautam24 <surendra_gautam24@...>

      > You are born in this world to do some good
      > andnot to pass your
      > days in idealness.If you are
      > useless then you are a burden to this world.You must
      > always to think
      > of rising higher in goodne
      > -ss or wisdom.Man is noblest living being.You will
      > be abusing the
      > previlage you have attaind if
      > you are not worthy of the cause for which your
      > merits have given you
      > this high place.
      > Man truely is a mind, and not just an body.And
      > being a mind, he
      > must be a thinker,since thin
      > -king is the specific function of mind; If does not
      > know how to
      > think as a man ,Then he is not a
      > prefect man.
      > Of all the infinity of beings in this universe .
      > The human being
      > is amongst a few species that
      > have climbed the most in the up-hill travel to the
      > summit of
      > existence . We are near to summit
      > and in one lap we may reach it.Even if we can not on
      > to the direct
      > and comfprtable route,trave
      > -lling along which we can reach summit before
      > long,and avoid the risk
      > of having to fall back fro
      > -m the heights we have already reached the human
      > life.
      > Our most urgent task,Therefore, is to ensure
      > taht we donot fall
      > below our present lpan of exi
      > -stance and,for the perpose,we must comprehend the
      > process of life
      > and realize that each one
      > is at the helm of his career.Each of us must realize
      > that how to
      > steer his life clear of lower exist
      > -ance; he must understand the map and see that he
      > keeps to the
      > correct routes which will main
      > -tain him a higher life and which wilkl ultimately
      > lead him to his
      > destination.
      > Happiness and misery,which are the common lot
      > of humanity, are
      > the in viable efforts of so-
      > me cause or causes.They are not rewards and
      > punishments,assigned by a
      > supernatural power
      > to a soul that has done good or evil. The currents
      > of life are always
      > streaming in one direction .
      > Man musy adopt himself tp this flow of life,and as a
      > reward he can
      > find complate harmony;.All
      > of mans ill come from his crossing lifes currents.No
      > man can cross
      > the ocean in a sailing boat.
      > by defying the winds; he must adjust his sail to use
      > them.
      > Foe the sake of matereal gain modern man does
      > not listen to the
      > voice of nature.His mental
      > activities are o preoccupied with his future
      > happiness that he
      > neglects the needs of his physical
      > body and entirely forgets the present moments for
      > what it is worth .
      > This unnatural behaviour of
      > persent mankind is the immidiate of his wrong
      > conceptions of worlds
      > order of human life and
      > its ultimate perpose . It is the cause of
      > frustration, anxiety, fear
      > and unsecurity of our time .One
      > who really like to have to peace should not disturb
      > other mans
      > freedom.
      > What are you hope for?What is the perpose of
      > your life?
      > Apparently a very few childrans ever
      > thinks of asking themselves this question indeed
      > many people will go
      > through their whole lives
      > from birth to death and it will never occur to them
      > to consider the
      > matter at all.The result is that
      > there is no development at all. They have allowed
      > every thing to
      > happen to them insteed of they,themselves,making
      > things happens for
      > themselves.Only very few people have realised that
      > the perpose of life is grouth,progress from
      > ignorance top
      > enlightenment and from unhappiness
      > to
      > happiness.
      > (SURENDRA)

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