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  • medit8ionsociety
    Sep 15, 2007
      Dear The Meditation Society of America,

      Just imagine - a wave of earthy didgeridoo music circling our precious
      planet following the sunset on the 23rd September, the day of the next
      A wave of sound that will provide a powerful yet relaxing experience
      for all participants and which might also help to raise global
      awareness and initiate changes so future generations will be able to
      still enjoy this beautiful planet we are blessed to enjoy.

      This Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditation during the equinox on the 23
      September 2007 is what we ask you to please participate in and tell
      your friends about.

      It is a worldwide synchronised link-up of people supporting
      environmental and personal awareness.

      We ask all participants to play or listen to meditative music
      (preferably including didgeridoos) for 45 minutes and then to sit
      silently for 15 minutes. The meditation starts at local sunset time,
      which will have the effect of all of us together creating a wave of
      sound and silence surrounding the planet following the sunset.

      The more people participate in different countries, the stronger this
      effect is going to be.
      So please support this event with your participation and please spread
      the word about it to your friends. The more the merrier :-).

      Please see the Didjeridoo Meditation page for more information on the
      vision and intent of this regular event.

      Please let us know by return email where in the world you will
      participate (please email your name, town, zip code and country).
      We are working on a global map that can show where all the
      participants are and with a bit of luck it will be ready next week, so
      please help us to light up the world with coloured dots, thanks.

      If you wish to become a regular supporter of this four-times-a-year
      event (on the solstices and equinoxes), please email us with your
      name, town, zip code, country and time zone (and make it clear in your
      email that you want to be listed as a regular supporter).

      Last not least we ask you to please link to this event
      (http://www.didjshop.com/shop1/didgeridoo_meditation.html) from your
      website (if you have one). If you let us know about the link we will
      provide a return link to you.

      A big THANK YOU to everyone who supported the last worldwide
      meditation on 22 June 2007. Click Here to see a list of all the
      participants (and their countries) who emailed us.

      Together we can make the earth sing...

      Thank you,

      Svargo Freitag