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  • jvmarco
    Sep 14, 2007

      Actually, having spent the past 35 years researching the subject, I've completed two books this year.

      My book 'Exploring Freethought Magick' is now available. Expect it to be posted on amazon.com and available through Borders within a week.

      For a peek at the cover:

      My intent was to write the best, most accurate book on Freethought Spirituality available, and feel I accomplished that goal. 

      In the book Freethought Magick the word magick is defined:

      Magick: The art of producing a desired effect through intention. Magick with a "k" differentiates the word from the sleight-of-hand, trickery illusions of magic. The magick of the siddha's is called siddhi, which implies attainment through spiritual ability.

      In other words, the level of one's magick is commensurate with their level of spiritual wakefulness - no wakefulness, no magick. 

      What is magick?  G.I. Gurdjieff put an elephant to sleep from ten miles away?  The answer to that and more are in the book.  Every page will wow the reader.

      Be glad to discuss Freethought Magick/Spirituality on


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