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15595The (Real) Secret

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Sep 14 3:58 AM
      "The spiritual path is itself a great secret. The
      little Japa that you do, the scriptures that you
      read, the audience that you hold and whatever you
      appear to be doing, is only an outer crust of the
      mystery of life. The mystery is finally in yourself.
      You yourself do not know who is goading you to think
      in this manner. That goading principle is the
      mystery. If you recognise this mystery within you
      which mystifies even your intelligence and your
      efforts, you will be humble, simple and small before
      God, because spiritual Sadhana is an art of becoming
      smaller and smaller. It is not to become bigger and
      bigger. A person becomes smaller and smaller as he
      approaches God, just as a candle flame becomes dimmer
      and dimmer as it goes nearer and nearer to the sun;
      and just before the sun, it is not there? You cannot
      see even its existence. It vanishes. Likewise, when
      we approach God, we become smaller and smaller,
      humbler and humbler, littler and littler, until we
      become nothing. In this nothingness, we will find God
      Himself filling us. When there is total emptiness
      created by an abolition of ourselves, in this
      emptiness or vacuum created, God fills Himself.
      'Empty thyself and I shall fill thee'-says Jesus
      Christ. The Mahaganapati Purana, the Ganapati
      Atharvasirsha Upanishad, the Ganesa Gita and several
      anecdotes occurring in the Mahabharata and the other
      Puranas glorify this aspect of the Supreme Almighty
      which requires our submission at His feet, and
      expects us to recognise Him as the sole power that
      can remove all obstacles on the path of the spiritual
      seeker towards the attainment of Godhead."
      Swami Krishnananda

      Swamiji was a desciple of Swami Sivananda. Much more
      about and by him can be found on this site:
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