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15496Sufi Wisdom

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Aug 23, 2007
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      I know I've seen this before, but don't
      remember the source. A friend emailed it to me
      today, and she also doesn't know it's origin.
      In any event, I hope you enjoy and benefit
      from (what I consider) its great wisdom.

      'When the inner eye is opened, the outer eye
      should be sealed to everything, the lips shut
      to everything, and the five external senses
      should cease to be used and the internal senses
      employed in their place such that when the patient
      wants to hold something, he should hold it
      with his inner hand, when he wants to see something,
      he should see it with his inner eye, when he wants
      to hear something, he should hear it
      with his inner ear, when he wants to smell something,
      he should smell it with his inner nose, and his
      sense of taste should come from the souls palate....'