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  • Era
    Aug 4, 2007
      What do you think ?

      Dr. Hawkins and his recomendation to study A Course in Miracles

      After many years of 'searching' and a series of mystical experiences
      that began at the age of three, the works of Dr. David Hawkins fell
      into this lap.

      All of his books were read and re-read and never a day goes by when
      something he shared in his writtings it not referrenced.

      Three years ago a visit to Sedona and a day of his seminar led this
      writer to follow his suggestion to "Pick a spiritual discipline and
      stick to it..." and one of the disciplines suggested was A Course in

      The Course is not for everyone and it isn't easy, because it
      requires effort and consistancy in practice. But what it does,
      is retrain the mind through persistant vigilance, and change
      the automatic tendencies from judgement and condemnation to
      forgiveness and compassion "for all life and all of its expressions."

      Thank you Doc
      Love, Light and the peace of God
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