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  • sean tremblay
    Jul 16, 2007
      Sure thats true but, bones break, cuts bleed, and the body is subject to physical inury
      regardless of the state ID, Ego, soul, Super Ego, planes of existence. A brocken bone needs mending you can check your inner self after the emergency room visit.
      A man was shot with a poison arrow
      many rushed to pull it out
      Before they did the man wanted to know
      who shot the arrow
      and what was the poison
      what kind of fethers made the fletching
      The Buddha's lesson
      Just pull out the arrow

      Grace Yllana <yllanagr@...> wrote:
      Thanks...that makes more sense to me now...whether I will ever get to the 2 plane state..I don't know..hopefully it happens with practice.


      medit8ionsociety <no_reply@yahoogroup s.com> wrote:
      --- In meditationsocietyof america@yahoogro ups.com, Grace Yllana
      <yllanagr@.. .> wrote:
      > Does that mean that when the teacher...says locked in one position
      without moving...we should move and not practice observing the pain? I
      do know that with practice..I got better and better at observing the
      pain and watching it come and go...and one time actually "think" it
      away..like self hypnosis...but during meditation retreat..I passed out
      from trying to "observe" the pain..I was hyperventilating to be able
      to keep in the locked position we were told to keep...and I was the
      only one who was going to move after 2 hours and did not want to be
      the one..result I passed out and they took me to ER..so still confused
      on the pain issue..
      > Grace
      Working with intense pain - Ram Dass

      "What I've learned from all this is what a delicate
      game it is to work with intense pain. Like all
      the experiences of an incarnation, pain has to be
      experienced fully by the Ego in order to be an
      effective learning experience for the Soul, but
      plunging in like that locks you into the pain.
      The only solution is to be on two planes at once:
      you have to enter the pain fully, and yet be in
      the Soul level at the same time. That's fierce?
      You feel the full intensity of the pain, and at the
      same time you transcend it by being in the Witness state.
      Pain demands that you establish yourself
      simultaneously in Ego and Soul. What an incredible
      teacher it is."

      From: Still Here by Ram Dass

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