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  • sean tremblay
    Jul 16 11:24 AM
      When I was in the Army I used to go by the philosophy that "Pain is weakness leaving the body" after having back surgery my wife who's an RN and yoga instructor reminded me "No Sean pain is an indication that something is wrong!"
      She's smarter than me!

      Grace Yllana <yllanagr@...> wrote:
      Hello all...I'm confused about the pain issue...I heard that part of meditation is to be able to "observe" pain, discomforts and other sensations.. .and realize they have a shelf life..or are temporary... etc...what is the word on pain..not from arthritis or any ailment...the pain and discomfort that sitting in one position for a long time produce??

      Grace Yllana

      Daniel Bonekeeper <bonekeeper@gmail. com> wrote:
      Aideen, have you tried to sleep as much as you could, to the point where you just can't sleep anymore ? Try this. Sleep until you are fully rested and just can't sleep anymore, even if you tried. Then, try to meditate, and we'll see.

      About the pain, I can't tell much... personally I like to meditate in an reclinable armchair, very confortable, so it's easy to just forget the body.


      On 7/16/07, Aideen McKenna <aideenmck@telus. net> wrote:
      Errata: I exercise regularly, not irregularly.  --Aideen

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      Thanks to Sean & Bob.  Thanks also to the people who responded to Ben's post, because what they said reminded me that here are other ways of meditating besides sitting on a zafu.
      The cause of my painful joints is no mystery – it's arthritis, & there are times when it's more painful than other times.  I exercise irregularly & take long daily walks. 
      For the present, I'll make dish-washing my meditation & I'll position myself as Witness to the pain in my hands, which is less frightful than hip-joint pain.
      It's all good.

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      Sent: July 16, 2007 3:59 AM
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      Subject: Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Sleepy & Hurting
      Aideen: you may need to see a doctor, it could be circulatory or even something in the nervous system.  In the mean time take a break from meditation.  Get plenty of rest and exercise especialy after dinner take a long walk if it's safe to do so.

      aideenmck <aideenmck@telus. net> wrote:
      --- In meditationsocietyof america@yahoogro ups.com , "aideenmck"
      <aideenmck@.. .> wrote:
      > Lately I tend to fall asleep every time I sit down to meditate;
      it's a
      > constant battle to remain awake. Regarding this matter, I find 2
      > conflicting views in books & articles about meditation. One is to
      > accept that what's needed at that time is sleep, so if sleep is
      > happens, so be it. The other is to regard the sleepiness as the
      > mind, fearful of annihilation, setting up a hindrance.
      > Another problem which arose about the same time as the sleepiness
      > pain. Again, I read conflicting advice about whether or not to
      > my position. Be one with the excruciating pain, or shift the
      > leg, whatever.
      > It's a bad patch I'm going through, I guess, because if it isn't
      > thing, it's the other. I'd like to hear what anybody has to say
      > it.
      > Thanks,
      > Aideen
      I'm still wondering whether anybody has words of wisdom about the
      problem of pain to which I referred. Does one go into the pain, as
      it were, remaining physically still? Or move to alleviate it?
      Lately, there's always leg pain when I sit down to meditate, so I
      could be fidgeting constantly. I don't know what to do about this.
      I'd appreciate some advice.

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