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  • Aideen McKenna
    Jul 16 11:17 AM

      Exactly.  That’s what confuses me, too.  ---Aideen



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      Hello all...I'm confused about the pain issue...I heard that part of meditation is to be able to "observe" pain, discomforts and other sensations.. .and realize they have a shelf life..or are temporary... etc...what is the word on pain..not from arthritis or any ailment...the pain and discomfort that sitting in one position for a long time produce??

      Grace Yllana

      Daniel Bonekeeper <bonekeeper@gmail. com> wrote:

      Aideen, have you tried to sleep as much as you could, to the point where you just can't sleep anymore ? Try this. Sleep until you are fully rested and just can't sleep anymore, even if you tried. Then, try to meditate, and we'll see.

      About the pain, I can't tell much... personally I like to meditate in an reclinable armchair, very confortable, so it's easy to just forget the body.


      On 7/16/07, Aideen McKenna <aideenmck@telus. net> wrote:

      Errata: I exercise regularly, not irregularly.  --Aideen


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      Thanks to Sean & Bob.  Thanks also to the people who responded to Ben's post, because what they said reminded me that here are other ways of meditating besides sitting on a zafu.

      The cause of my painful joints is no mystery – it's arthritis, & there are times when it's more painful than other times.  I exercise irregularly & take long daily walks. 

      For the present, I'll make dish-washing my meditation & I'll position myself as Witness to the pain in my hands, which is less frightful than hip-joint pain.

      It's all good.



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      Aideen: you may need to see a doctor, it could be circulatory or even something in the nervous system.  In the mean time take a break from meditation.  Get plenty of rest and exercise especialy after dinner take a long walk if it's safe to do so.


      aideenmck <aideenmck@telus. net> wrote:

      --- In meditationsocietyof america@yahoogro ups.com , "aideenmck"
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      > Lately I tend to fall asleep every time I sit down to meditate;
      it's a
      > constant battle to remain awake. Regarding this matter, I find 2
      > conflicting views in books & articles about meditation. One is to
      > accept that what's needed at that time is sleep, so if sleep is
      > happens, so be it. The other is to regard the sleepiness as the
      > mind, fearful of annihilation, setting up a hindrance.
      > Another problem which arose about the same time as the sleepiness
      > pain. Again, I read conflicting advice about whether or not to
      > my position. Be one with the excruciating pain, or shift the
      > leg, whatever.
      > It's a bad patch I'm going through, I guess, because if it isn't
      > thing, it's the other. I'd like to hear what anybody has to say
      > it.
      > Thanks,
      > Aideen
      I'm still wondering whether anybody has words of wisdom about the
      problem of pain to which I referred. Does one go into the pain, as
      it were, remaining physically still? Or move to alleviate it?
      Lately, there's always leg pain when I sit down to meditate, so I
      could be fidgeting constantly. I don't know what to do about this.
      I'd appreciate some advice.



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