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15432Re: [Meditation Society of America] Balance between spiritual and physical?

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    Jul 15, 2007
      Turn yourself to "walking" meditation.  When something does not need your full focus, meditate.  This may not not the deep meditation but it works and helps keep us grounded and centered throughtout our days.  I meditate myself to sleep everynight.  I meditate at the gym in between sets.  I meditate and send blessings while driving.  You may be surprised how intune and aware this will make you.  Give it a try, I hope it helps.  If you can meditate even for only 10 minutes, its better than none.  I would at least try to set some time for yourself at least once for longer meditations. 
      Goodluck in your endeavors,
      Many blessings,

      Benjamin Buehne <benbuehne@...> wrote:
      HI all,
      I have been thinking about a troubling predicament, one that has been brought to light after embarking on a new career.  How is one to balance between the physical and the spiritual.

      I ask this as my new job requires many hours and at times can be quite stressful.  This has interfered with my practice of meditation both in the amount of time devoted to it and the effectiveness of it.

      The solution seems simple at first, if one can't complete a job and remain spiritual than the job must go.  However, according to several schools of thought, it is your physical actions and work in and of themselves that are more important than the act of meditation.  Otherwise my gift of life would go to waste... not to mention I would have a more difficult time actually living (paying bills and whatnot).

      I know others here have had to struggle with similar dilemmas.  What philosophies have you all followed concerning meeting this balance and what advice can you give.

      Thanks all,

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