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15428Re: [Meditation Society of America] fifth veda???

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  • sean tremblay
    Jul 12, 2007
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      Recently I had been challenging some ideas via this form.  The biggest question being the nature of the self and it's existence, I was trying to be provocative on purpose, self debate was getting me nowhere. I needed some external input and I got some great responses. When I was a younger man I excepted the ideas of emptiness and the illusion of reality without question I took it at face value.  Events and life experience began to tell me otherwise.  I had observed through my interactions with other people most importantly my children that the answers supplied by scriptures did not square with what I was experiencing.
      My observations in my career as a commercial diver showed me a world so alien intricate and independent of my daily life.  I thought there Had to be more than just the illusion of Mind.  And then I heard a simple statement by Krishnamurti during a recorded interview where he spoke of Dependent and Independent reality and it frickin hit me it was the moment of clarity and precision I was looking(I get it) for with that simple statement I have removed several barriers and I can now understand other statements from other sources that did not otherwise seem logical.
      Good luck in all your endeavors

      "M.V.T. DHANANJEYAN" <dhanmvt1@...> wrote:
      In hindu's veda very well known is four vedas. Rig , Yajur, Sama ,
      Adharvana. Do any body know fifth veda is there?. To whom that is

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