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15423Sleepy & Hurting

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  • aideenmck
    Jul 12, 2007
      Lately I tend to fall asleep every time I sit down to meditate; it's a
      constant battle to remain awake. Regarding this matter, I find 2
      conflicting views in books & articles about meditation. One is to
      accept that what's needed at that time is sleep, so if sleep is what
      happens, so be it. The other is to regard the sleepiness as the egoic
      mind, fearful of annihilation, setting up a hindrance.

      Another problem which arose about the same time as the sleepiness is
      pain. Again, I read conflicting advice about whether or not to adjust
      my position. Be one with the excruciating pain, or shift the foot,
      leg, whatever.

      It's a bad patch I'm going through, I guess, because if it isn't one
      thing, it's the other. I'd like to hear what anybody has to say about

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