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15407Re: [Meditation Society of America] Zafus and Zabutons

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  • Daniel Bonekeeper
    Jun 21, 2007

      On 6/20/07, Doris Klein < dorisklein@...> wrote:

      Hi there-

      I am just now starting to take time to meditate but my boyfriend has
      been doing it for years. His birthday is coming up and I'd love to get
      him a buckwheat zafu and zabuton.

      He is 6'3 however and I am wondering if anyone out there is of similar
      height and can let me know whether the sizes of the zafu and zabuton
      really make a difference. The options I have is to be regular or
      large/jumbo sized, which of course are more expensive (and then lil'
      5'5 me can't use it) ;)

      joking aside, it's his gift I just want to make sure it's worth the
      investment and right for him.

      Any advice greatly appreciated.
      Many thanks!

      "If you are still asking for the result, then a very subtle effort will continuously be there. You will not be just sitting; you cannot just sit if there are any desires. The desire will be a subtle movement in you, and the movement will continue. You may be sitting like a stone or like a buddha, but still within the stone will be moving. Desire is movement."
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