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15403Re: [Meditation Society of America] The ultimate objective of meditation

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  • Sandeep
    Jun 20, 2007

      AKBAR HIRANI wrote:
      What techniques can you apply to control thoughts and mind ?

      The urge to control thoughts, is it anything else other than another thought?

      Can thought ever erase thought?

      The noting of "no-thought:..........aka "OK now there are no thoughts"........ is another thought, isn't it?

      I do meditation but many times thoughts are uncontrollable .

      Many times?

      Has there ever been anything like a  "controlled thought"?

      Is there a thinker of a thought, controlling, directing, shaping thought?

      Or is there a rising/dissipating of thoughts.......... inferring a "separated-thinker" thereof?

      Does it mean meditation has failed to control thoughts ?

      Meditativeness is a state of existing (to use some conceptual pithy words)...........where the arising of thoughts , it's perpetuation in time and  it's dissipating...... after a duration...........that entire hoopla is no longer an issue.

      The hoopla of thoughts observed just like passing clouds in the blue yonder are noted.

      There may be the engagement with that hoopla, but there is no longer any stake with the hoopla.


      Right, you do feel anchored by meditation but thoughts are there ready to creep in.

      The feeling of  being anchored by meditation is another thought...
      ... maybe accompanied by some pleasant sensations in the body.


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