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15401Re: [Meditation Society of America] The ultimate objective of meditation

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  • suman sk
    Jun 20, 2007
      There are many techniques, and I have tried many of them.After each of the techniques I tried I used to get tired and the feeling never used to be of calmness and peacefulness.So finally I tried the Buddah technique of PRANAYAMA-which is just observe the breaths rise and fall.Just observe and DONOT try to control it as the natural tendency of the body is to control it. With little practice you will start to just observe it.
      If you can observe your breaths for say around 21 seconds you will achieve a state of THOUGHTLESSNESS.. you will even forget that you are observing your thoughts and you will enter a state of TURIYA..That is emptyness and its very difficult to explain .. one can only experience it..
      So just practice and try this ...It is a very powerful technique and very effective in bringing PEACE to your HEART....
      Some one asked Gautam BUDDHA that how do I know that I am succeeding in meditation..
      Gautam Replied it is very simple...
      IF you feel and you experience lesser anger, lust,jealousy, temptations and other vices that you what you were experiencing yesterday then you are succeeding...
      With every practice it should make you more HUMANE....
      PEACE !!

      AKBAR HIRANI <akbar_hirani@...> wrote:
      What techniques can you apply to control thoughts and mind ? I do meditation but many times thoughts are uncontrollable . Does it mean meditation has failed to control thoughts ?
      Right, you do feel anchored by meditation but thoughts are there ready to creep in.
      How does anyone explain that ?

      suman sk <sumansk@yahoo. com> wrote:
      When you these questions ..you are on the right path..
      I think really there is no ultimate purpose in meditation. Do not sit in meditation with a purpose bcos then you are tied to that objective..medition is just opposite of it.
      You do meditation bcos you feel a need to do it which out of so many millions of peaple you only feel it....and that gives you a satisfaction and in the meantime with practice over time you start to develop a peace in your heart...and you become composed and calm..Thoughts donot flutter your mind and you start to feel a control over your mind and its thoughts.As you know thoughts are the most powerful of human energies so once you have control over it, you have control over many things yet to come..
      So forget a objective and start and sit peacefully full dissolved in the unknown....
      Good Luck with your practice...

      Ramon Leonato <raman@...> wrote:

      On 6/19/07 11:33 AM, "waruag" <waruag@yahoo. co.in> wrote:


      I know its a very stupid & basic question to ask " WHAT IS THE ULTIMATE
      But I hope all the seniors would forgive me for asking it as I am just
      a beginner , on this mystic path.

      i have millions of questions on meditation, but would seek some basic
      replies before moving to more complicated questions.

      Another thing I wish to know here in the beginning is " It is said that
      you need a learnt Master , his guidance & blessings to meditate " What
      is the truthfulness of the statement?

      I would suggest you that you get in touch with the teachings of Good Spiritual Teachers that have left their teachings recorded in different ways. Books, audio recordings, video recordings. And know that it is also said that when the disciple is ready the Guru appears.

      http://youtube. com/gururajanand a

      Kindly clear my doubts.

      New Delhi - India


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