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15398Re: [Meditation Society of America] A personal Question?

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  • Sandeep
    Jun 20, 2007

      waruag wrote:

      Here is a very personal question to all the gentlemen here.

      Not to the ladies, here?

      """ What level have you attained in meditation? """

      I do understand that there are no formal levels in meditation & its a
      self practice. But it is also said that repeated meditation (
      superlative level of concentration) leads you to a vision of an
      eternal light/ current & an eternal sound. Is it true? How many of
      us have achieved it? How much time does it take ( I understand it
      varies from person to person, but please tell your own personal

      Whatever is seen, heard, felt or experienced..............are confabulations of mentation.

      Appearing in time and dissipating  in time.

      Of no import whatsoever.

      It is said that , Nearly everybody feel a sense of fear
      or scare in the beginning. Did you feel the same too? How did you
      overcome it?

      Shorn  to its barest,  the sense of fear is an arising  thought isn't it........ with maybe some  associated sensation in the body.

      To whom has this thought occurred?


      Kindly clear these doubts.

      Finally, it is said that Meditation is the process of Dying, while
      you are alive. How true is it? Does the soul actually leave the body
      at the supreme levels of meditation? What if the soul does not come
      back to the body?

      Good riddance. :-D

      Reminds of a conversation.

      Said the Master, after listening to a long sermon on body/soul/Heaven/Hell ..

      "Interesting. So you are saying that at death,  your body will be in the grave ?"

      "Yes" said the preacher, anticipating a convert-in-the-making.

      "And your soul will be in Heaven?"

      "Yes" said the preacher, believing that he had landed one.

      "And pray where will you be?"asked the Master

      Gaurva, forget all that you have hear, read or understood about meditation.

      Just do it as  Nike propounds.

      Fearlessly, boldly and without any anticipation or with any stake.

      Remember, when you were a child and you were impatient for the morning to arrive so that you could rush out and play in the garden.

      Soaring to great heights in the garden swing.........you had even fallen down and hurt yourself.............but that did not stop you from getting up again on the swing.

      As an adult you discovered fear of swings.

      Of swings in life

      And your life is epitomized by the constant quest to avoid these swings of life.

      Now go and play and soar with the wind.


      Please do not tell that an inquisitive person (like me) can never
      meditate, because, I believe in "knowledge". We need knowledge to
      learn ABC, engineering, medical science, cooking, and almost every
      thing in life, so , HOw can we meditate without understanding( knowing
      about) it?

      Your understanding Gaurav , current or in the future ..............is of no import.

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