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  • rahul dhiman
    Jun 16, 2007
      hello my dear friend,
                                        i have read ur mail there is nothing to fear.
        i am telling u one thing just follow it, u will get good results i.e- Do not meditate before sleeping  otherwise u will fall into dreams and when u r doing meditation after meditating do not dare to open ur eyes directly leave meditation and take rest for 2 minutes with ur close eyes and then open ur eyes if u will open ur eyes direclty after meditation then obviously u will get shock...
                            Do not forget to reply me if u want good resuts

      armaan shah <armaanwithu@...> wrote:

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      Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2007 12:34:02 +0100 (BST)
      From: armaan shah <armaanwithu@...>
      Subject: Help me out
      To: contact@...

      Dear meditators,
      I am armaan, i have written befor many times,
      I do not meditate by sitting with close my eyes while I
      meditate by lying with close my eyes.As well as I try to live each
      moment of life with total knowledge ,full of energy,full
      concentration .I try to live each moment of life with as a living
      thing not as non living thing. I try to forget the thoughts of
      meditation or anything related this journey with doing any work.
       Three or four times when I was meditating with close of my eyes
      I have shocked I means it did not happen befor i do not know I was
      whr but something is unknown than I have forget myself still I had
      power to come back, first time when it happened I feard very much and
      come back as soon than I did not dare to meditating with close of my
      eyes for about three months but after three monts I did meditate
      with close of my eyes with the thoughts of do or die .
       This is happened three or four times in last one year, I don't
      know what is that ?,this position was only less than a minute or more than a minute.I did not know.
      Now a day, suppose my eyes are opened, i am seeing but not concentrate on anything even not any thoughts (nothing action by me ) than my forhead's muscles vibrate and i am going somewhere, i mean something is going happend. I am being fear very much, i am not taking my sleep properly due to fear.This is unknown situation for me.
      Please help me out ,what is happing with me .Is it not the symbol of any danger.
      I will wait for your response/

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