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15380Re: [Meditation Society of America] Thoughts on individuality

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  • Sandeep
    Jun 3, 2007
      Hello Sean.

      Some comments in-between

      sean tremblay wrote:
      Sandeep Thank you for that.  If I put something out there I fully expect it to be chalenged. 

      There was nor is any challenge Sean.

      A challenge needs an objective to be fulfilled, a stake to be achieved.

      There is no objective in this dialogue, there is no stake.

      And yet this dialogue is taking place, as once again........... a nuance of the moment.

      And for that I am greatfull,  with Ideas come and go and without chalenging them they hold no experencial value.  I can only bang these thoughts off of the guys on the docks so much before they get tired of that kind of banter.  I think there is in me a certain "cling-ing" to a sense of self. 


      A simple recognition and the witnessing of  it's riding on the event of the moment.

      But I also think there is a degree of something that I am failing to find words for.  I have found meditation and yoga to be very grounding tools these help wash away the morgage bills and traffic and free me up for the direct experience of those things and people that I find value in. Striping away my own negitivity alows me to fully appreiciate the moment. I think thats the thing I refer to remembering or appreciating in children when the world was new to us and we expreienced it as it was without putting values to it.


      As the dude Jesus put it................it will be the child that will enter my Dad's pad.

      The child here referring to an existing without a trace of conceptualizing.

      The mechanics of what is real and what is not real I believe are unimportant( At least for me right now)


      For in that very distinction.............lo behold the world.

      What is important (at least to me at this moment) is awakening to my here and now,

      The awakening to the here and now, is the apperception, that there was and is nothing apart from the here and now which is to awaken to the here and now.

      And in that apperception is the apperception that even the concept of "here" and "now" are conceptual conjectures.

      For the thought of "here" and "now" is not the "here/now".

      and a bit of indugence for th ID because in this point and time this is the only reality I know.  So we go, weather we believe this is al a dream or not we think, feel ,love and other stuff day in day out and sure the scene changes, rapidly in some cases slowly in other something familar remains and others fade into memory.

      The warp and woof of the fabric of life is never an issue.
      Unless there is a stake with any aspect of it.

      The issue is not with the dream or whether it is a dream or not.

      The issue is that some aspect of the dream is preferred over another aspect of it.

      Humanity is the creator beast, the animal that conjures into being things that before did not exist, such as great works of art, music, dinner a house you name it we do this daily with the cooperation of others.  This ability is what I refer to as our great redeming quality and it starts with our imagination, first we dream it then we build it,  the dark side of this is that with this same imagination we can create false negative realities for ourselves and get stuck in them, first we dream it then we build it.  and that I guess is what I would like to guard myself against I sometimes use a long run to do this, or Ashtanga as I have recently discovered(thanks to my wife)
      I have created many things but
      I didnt create the finches in my back yard
      I didnt create the works of Charlie Parker
      I didnt create Boston cream pie
      I didnt create Triumph motocycles
      I didnt create the strange creatuers I've seen at the bottom of the sea
      I didnt create you guys or this forum

      Says who? :-)

      As soon as you switch off tonight........snoring away on a 6 X 4 cot........

      ......your wife, .............the things that got created through Sean, .........the finches in your backyard, the backyard,
      works of Charlie Parker, Charlie Parker (whoever he is), Boston cream pie, the whole city of Boston, ..........Triumph motorcycles,  strange creatures in the sea, .............the very sea itself,...........  us guys, this forum.............

      ............the entirety of that drama including all the dramatic characters..............goes poof.

      Goes poof for you Sean.

      You ...................AND........... your world made up of what appears to you as reality and what appears to you as imagination..............are co-dependent arisings.

      A statement of course equally valid for any other sentient expression--ing.

      A seeming commonality in all the co-dependent arisings, may lend a sense of an  independent existent reality to the drama, but in fact  the commonality is also superficial.


      But I'm glad your all here and I'm thankfull to you for taking the time to entertain these leter and thank you for your insights and wisedom
      pardon the typo's

      Why is it important to decipher the reality of this sense of the self, without which any espoused conclusion, understanding, experience is meaningless?

      First of all nothing is of importance.

      And nothing is of no-importance either.

      Deciphering the reality of the sense of the self is really ground zero, because any conclusion, any understanding, any experience.........needs an apriori self......

      ........a sense of a self........ for which the conclusion is a conclusion,............. the understanding is an understanding.....
      ..... the experience is an experience.

      In the apperception that the sense of an individuated self is itself a notion, an ideation, a mentation........

      .......the conclusions/understandings/experiences of this notional ideated self are apperceived, for what they truly are.

      More eddies in the water.

      In the resultant silence,.............. in the resultant quietude of  this apperception (which is not an absence of functioning, actioning).............is

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